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Coal Boiler vs Gas Boiler Running Costs - Diesel Boiler

· 1 Gas boiler running costs The amount of natural gas required to produce 1 ton of steam from a gas boiler = heating capacity of the boiler ÷ calorific value of natural gas ÷ thermal efficiency = 600000 Kcal ÷ 8600 Kcal / m³ ÷ 998% = 699 m³; combined with the natural gas market price of 3 yuan / m³ the gas boiler generates 1 ton The cost of steam =97

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Clearing the air about diesel boilers: the new greener

is a really effective option compared to LPG with around 50 per cent less than LPG And with the newest technology incorporated there are extremely low emissions; they are clean and green These are known as condensing and offer heat output ranging from 12kW up to 70kW

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How Many Litter Diesel Required for 1 Ton Boiler

How much oil is burned per day by an oil-fired refers to the fuel consumption There is a fixed calculation formula for the fuel consumption: fuel consumption per hour = 3600 × thermal power ÷ value ÷ efficiency Under normal circumstances the thermal efficiency of a 1 oil-fired is 07MW and

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